How to Create Ad Campaign

Follow this steps below to create your Ad Campaign:

Step 1. Create free advertiser account ( If you have not already registered)

Step 2. Log into your advertiser account

Step 3. When logged in, click New ad ( at the top menu).

Step 4. Enter title for your reference and select ad type from the drop down menu and click continue.

Step 5. Enter your ad details and click save

Step 6. Enter your campaign details ( on a page that shows this message: Ad created. thank you. now please create a campaign)

Step 7. Select payment method, select pay directly for this order ( if you have no funds on your account) or select use funds purchased earlier ( If you have funds on your advertising account).

Step 8. Click Save

Step 9. Click Continue ( on the summary of your order page)

Step 10. Click buy now ( you will be redirected to payment processor website)

Step 11. Activate your campaign by completing payment on the payment processor website.

Need help creating your ad compaign, contact us via chat or leave offline message and we will setup time to create the campaign for you or you can submit ticket by clicking support at the top menu when you log into your account, post your question on forum, forum access password will be email to you.