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Most Common FAQs

1Q. Is it free to sign up as advertiser?

A. Yes, is completely free to create advertising account

2Q. Can I use my advertising account to publish your ads on my site?

A. No. in order to be able to publish our ads on your site, you must create a publisher account!

3Q. How do I add funds to my account?

A. To add money into your advertising account, follow this steps:
F1. log into your account
F2. when logged in, go to orders at the top menu, select the drop down menu name: New Order
F3. Select your package and click on submit button
F4. Click Buy now button or 2co and procedure to make payment on payment processor website.

4Q. Is my account information secure?

A. Yes your account information is 100% secure with us, we do not share your personal or account information to any third parties.

5Q. Is my payment information secure?

A. Yes. We do not receive or store your payment information such as your credit card, debit card, bank account! your payment is securely processed by our trusted payment processing companies.

6Q. What payment method do you accept?

A. We currently only accepting Paypal ( which allows you to pay with your credit/debit card, bank account) and no Paypal account is required.

7Q. Why is my Advertising account deleted?

A. Your advertising account can be deleted for the following reasons:
D1. Delete unpaid orders older than 10 days
D2. Delete users without orders who joined more than 10 days ago
Our system automatically delete any advertising account that fall into the above categories.