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Promote your business using our Pay Per Click (PPC),                                            Create and place ad codes on your website and Get money
Pay per impression (CPI), pay per days ads and generate                                      for every valid click from your websites. Our system ensures
top quality leads to your websites.Your ads will have                                               maximum revenue possible at any given time by rendering ads
widespread reach as they are served in our enormous publishers                           from highest bidders on your websites. Ad codes for displaying
network. Create your ads in Text or Banner or video, or pop up                             text or banner or video or popup ads are available which are capable of
formats and more! control the target audience of your ads by                                 identifying the most relevant keywords in your websites and generating best
configuring keywords, Zone and Countries, states, cities filters.                               matching ads for your website content. there are two options of display ads to
Pay only when someone clicks on your advertisements.                                            choose from, you can either display ads which depends on the content of your
Our highly affordable cost effective advertising solution ensures                             website or ads which depends on ad type.  your earnings can be pay to you via
that you are paying only for genuine unique visitors to your web sites.                 Paypal within 24 -72 hours of requesting payment. Threshold withdraw $50

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How It Works for Publishers

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Create free publisher's account             Create ad code           Copy ad code          Paste ad code into your website        Send clicks and make money

Advertise here1                                                                       make money1                                                                      why advertise with us2

Advertise here with Us                                                                Make money with Us                                                                        Why Advertise with us?

We will drive Unlimited unique                                         Display our ads on your website                                          100%  Satisfaction Guarantee

Traffic to your website for                                                 Get paid per click when your                                                Get real unique clicks from humans

Only $0.05 per click. advertise                                         Website visitors clicks on our ads                                   Pay $0.05 per click, no click (no charge)

Your website worldwide or locally                                 Receive your Earnings  on time                                        Free advertising with our exchange program

Create free Advertiser's account                                   Create free Publisher's account                                        Learn more about our Exchange program

special                                                                       how it works                                                                      special

Our Special Packages                                                                       How It Works for Advertisers                                                     We Specialize In:

Basic ($25) + Free $100 Advertising Credit                                 1. Create free advertiser's account                                              Mobile Advertising

VIP ( $50) + Free $250 Advertising credit                                   2. Add Funds to your account                                                      Banner Advertising

Gold ($100) + Lifetime free directory listing                               3. Create Ad campaign                                                                  Video Marketing

Platinum ($200) + Lifetime free directory listing                       Your ad start running immediately                                            PPC  Advertising

Lifetime ($500) + Lifetime free directory listing                         After confirmation of your payment                                         Text Advertising

How to add funds to your account                                                   How to create ad campaign                                                      Click here to get starting  

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